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Holly Simple x GG Balance Candle

Holly Simple x GG Balance Candle

Balance. A collab with Holly Simple.

This candle depicts Pangu, the world’s first human according to Chinese Daoist mythology. Pangu was born from an egg, within which yin and yang existed. They created the universe by separating yin and yang with their knowledge of the dualities.

One of the hardest things for the human consciousness is to accept that two contrasting realities can exist at the same time. Burn this candle to find balance, non-judgement and acceptance.

To amplify your intention align with a moon phase, or planetary moment - to learn more, download our FREE app here.

This candle is lightly scented with essential oils Bergamot, Lavender and Australian Cypress. The essential oils correspond to harmony and balance They are added to enhance your intention and ritual. The scent is light so that you may burn them over a period of time to realise a particular goal.

The idea behind our intention candles is to leave them burning to remind you of your goals, helping you to achieve your wildest reality.

It comes with 100% essential oils corresponding to the theme of the candle. You might like to dab some on your wrists to remind you of your intent throughout the day. The essential oils are blended with hemp seed oil; it’s recommended that you patch test for a reaction first.

Girl Grease candles are hand poured in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia, known to First Nations People as the Bundjalung nation. They are created with coconut and soy wax that is 100% vegan. This wax blend is ethically and sustainably sourced, free of pollutants, carcinogens and toxins.

The essential oils we use are 100% sustainably sourced, and where possible we prioritise buying from local farms and growers.

Girl Grease uses sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. Our candle jars can be recycled or reused and our shipping materials are recyclable and biodegradable where possible.

Our candles are 450gm/15 oz and burn for approximately 120hrs.

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450gm/15 oz and burn for approximately 120hrs

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