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$40 USD
  • Use this candle to focus your intent and shift your reality
  • Scented with 100% essential oils; hand blended to amplify the intention of the candle
  • Nerolina uplifts and helps to focus, sweet fennel protects and is added for divination and courage
  • Made with 100% vegan soy + coconut wax
  • Digitally printed and hand poured in Australia
  • 450gm/15oz. Approx 120hrs burn time
  • This candle is a limited edition full colour print.


Nothing is real! Everything is real! This candle is the equivalent of a tab: use it to explore your universe and select the version that you want.

‘Nothing is everything when all that’s considered is anything’. Inspired by the Moss Icon song, Happy (Unbounded Glory), we’re reminded that our understanding creates our world. Within this riddle lies an opportunity to step into a new reality. To quantum shift.

Moss Icon were a post-hardcore band active in the mid-80s in Maryland. Their lyrics – sometimes political, often provoking – were the perfect accompaniment to the swell of their music. Enigmatic front man Jonathan Vance recently let us into his head again with his book of poems and drawings, showing us there’s many ways to twist the lens on the world.

Learn to see contrasts as neutrals. Good and bad don’t exist! It all comes down to perception. What is your ideal version of this dimension? Like Leonora Carrington said, ‘I’ve always had access to other worlds. We all do, because we dream.’ Burn this candle to dream up and welcome in your desired reality with grace and ease.

Remember, when everything is anything, everyone is anyone because we are all one.