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$45 USD
  • Focus your intent with this candle to bring in balance and harmony
  • Scented with 100% essential oils; hand blended to amplify the intention of the candle
  • Bergamot uplifts and helps to realise that you’re in the right place, at the right time, Australian cypress encourages balance, inner peace and trust
  • Made with 100% vegan soy + coconut wax
  • Digitally printed and hand poured in Australia
  • 450gm/15oz. Approx 120hrs burn time
  • This candle is a limited edition collab candle with Holly Simple

This candle references the Yin Yang symbol and the notion of balance between the dualities. Holly referenced Pangu from Chinese myth – neither male nor female Pangu shows us that balance is based on perception.

From Holly

“I began to search the history of the Yin Yang and balance and was reminded of Pangu. How perfect. I loved the historical images from Chinese mythology. I loved the idea of introducing a mystical character and culture to our collab!

I’m also obsessed with the Yin Yang symbol. It just all came together and it’s like, ‘Oh, maybe Pangu is my person.’ I didn’t want something gendered either. Making Pangu androgynous was interesting to me. I gave them boobs. I just was open to doing my version of it.”

Pangu was born from a cosmic egg that coalesced in a primordial state for 18,000 years on a mountain top. They created the universe by separating Yin and Yang with their knowledge of the dualities. Pangu’s story is also referenced in the 1978 Japanese kid’s show theme song ‘Monkey Magic‘.

Binaries are an abstract; embrace ambiguity. Nature shows us that everything is seasonal, what season are you in? Burn this candle to find your own version of balance and harmony. Seek fulfilment.