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Holly Simple

Holly Simple is a Philly based artist and mother to the Holly Simple Tarot deck. She speaks through colour, pattern and "fashin". With influences from 90s cartoons and modern day street style. She likes to think her brand is a mesh of highbrow and lowbrow experiential art.

Who inspires you most?

At the moment i am most inspired by the moment and all those who exist authenticity within it. Bad instagram aesthetics, Lady Gaga, Disney princesses and hip hop. This list is ever changing and shifting in length. Over the top anything, everything and anyone.

What's a mainstay in your practice for setting intentions?

My rituals are lax, but they exist and are crucial. Morning meditation and prayer with writing need be. Drawing is meditation. Walking is meditation. Running is meditation. I talk with birds and squirrels, i embrace sweet sounds and strive to share the light with all who care to seek. I have a pocket full of crystals and above all things, my favorite ritual is cleaning my tongue with my Ayurvedic copper scraper when I first wake up

The Dark Exact

Coleman is a writer and artist originally from Birmingham, AL. She now lives in Portland, OR, where she teaches art, writing, literature, and tarot. Her current work focuses on the intersection of text, image, object, and ritual.

Who inspires you most?

I'm most inspired by other visual artists who have rigorous, dedicated practices of making art. There is nothing better than being in the studio of a working artist – materials everywhere, evidence of action, lots of in-process pieces set out, waiting to be worked on again.

What's a mainstay in your practice for setting intentions?

My practice is very object-based. This might include objects that have acquired magical significance through use (specific established symbolism or attachment to a person/place/time) or because the item's natural color, shape, or texture feels related to the intention of focus. Color symbolism is particularly important to me.

Makenzie Flynn Healing Mists

Makenzie Flynn is a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and ReikiSound™ practitioner with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. She began practicing healing work soon after graduating from Temple University which established the foundation for her pursuit of a career that would support the continuous spiritual growth of herself and others.

Who inspires you most?

I am inspired by people who are living in alignment with who they really are. Authenticity is something I crave, so when I meet someone who is radiating their true soul essence, I can't help but pay attention. There's a type of magic about them that's almost intoxicating. I can think of at least twenty people I've met over the years who fit the description - they all have different professions and different ways of living, but the one common thread is that they know exactly who they are and they own it.

What's a mainstay in your practice for setting intentions?

I like to work with astrology (particularly alongside the cycles of the moon) to create a rhythm for my intention-setting practice. For example, on a Pisces New Moon, I might take the opportunity to create a ritual or ceremony focused on establishing new ways to strengthen my intuition. On a Capricorn Full Moon I'd be more likely to focus on what I'm ready to release in order to further advance my career. Connecting with the symbolic energies of the celestial bodies in our solar system gets me in tune with the vastness of all that lies beyond the Earth realm, and the limitlessness of our potential to achieve.

Maja D'Aoust

Maja D'Aoust is a practicing Witch and scholar of alchemy and occult lore. After completing her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, she earned her master’s degree in transformational psychology with a focus on shamanism, the I Ching, and ancestors. She is the author of The Occult I Ching; The Secret Language of Serpents, Familiars in Witchcraft, A Witch’s Bestiary, coauthor of The Secret Source, and creator of a Tarot deck, The White Witch Tarot. She lives in Los Angeles.

Who inspires you most?

I meditate a lot and get my inspiration from spirit and angelic communications. Most of my data comes from Sophia and direct connection to source. Although through my life many humans have inspired and taught me, I only stand on the shoulders of Giants, currently I prefer a direct connection to spirit to receive the things that inspire me to create and try not to look too much at what others are doing.

What's a mainstay in your practice for setting intentions?

I don't practice intention setting as that is not part of my discipline, I am on a destiny path that requires me to relinquish things I wish and follow the will of heaven. This is a very receptive way of being, but instead of practicing manifestation methods, I open completely and pay attention to providence as it lights up each next step I must take without knowing where it leads. It is a high trust method. The more I get out of my own way with intentions, the more I see what reality is apart from my own desires and so I am currently focusing on that. So if I were to say a practice it is for PERCEPTION rather than INTENTION. Just a different approach.