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Girl Grease candles are hand poured in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia).

Our glass vessel candles are made with eco-friendly coconut and soy wax that is 100% vegan. They are scented with 100% essential oils sustainably sourced and purchased from local farms and growers where possible. These efforts mean that our candles are happily free of pollutants, carcinogens and toxins too.

Our taper candles are made out of 100% beeswax, even better for the environment than soy wax (which we are phasing out). The beeswax is collected from apiaries nearby our Naarm studio and the tapers are hand dipped by us.

Girl Grease uses environmentally friendly materials in our products and packaging. Our candle jars can be recycled or reused and our shipping materials are recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. We are constantly refining to ensure the smallest carbon footprint practicable.


Keeping the candle wax nice
To keep your candle in primo condition, burn it for at least two hours at a time or until the entire top of the candle is liquid wax. This will allow the wax to burn evenly across the surface and minimise the likelihood of tunnelling. Tunnelling is when the wax melts only in the centre, around the wick. If this happens the candle can’t burn for the maximum amount of time or it may not light again.

Burn your candle away from drafts and on an even surface that is stable and heat resistant.

For our tapers, sometimes the candles have a white coating. That is just the ‘bloom’. It can be removed by gently rubbing the candle surface with a cloth or your hands.

Lighting the wick when it’s low
After a couple of burns, the wick will sit low in the vessel. We recommend using a BBQ lighter to light it so you can reach the wick. HOT TIP: lighting a strand of spaghetti or a skewer can do the trick too.

Every burn after the first burn, ensure the wick is trimmed to approximately 5mm (1/4 of an inch). Don’t leave the wick trimmings in your candle. Keeping the wick trimmed minimises the amount of smoke generated. It’s normal for a bit of smoke or soot to discolour the glass vessel; this is easily removed with a damp cloth.

Storing your candle
It is usual for coloured candles to fade, bleed or acquire a frosty layer over time. We recommend storing away from direct light to keep the integrity of the wax.


Never leave your candle burning unattended, near curtains or other flammable materials.

We recommend always burning your candles on a fireproof surface and in the case of our taper candles in a holder.

Keep the burning vessel away from pets and children – the melted wax can be dangerous if the candle’s knocked over. The glass vessels become hot so avoid touching it after it’s been lit. We do not recommend burning the candle near anything that may be susceptible to melting or warping from the heat.

Don’t burn the candle when there’s less than a centimetre (half an inch) of wax left.


We encourage you to reuse or recycle the vessel when your candle has burned all the way down.

You can easily clean out the remaining wax with warm soapy water or by placing your oven on a low setting and sitting the candle on an oven-proof tray until the wax melts to liquid. Then carefully pour it out onto a paper towel before disposing of it. Don’t place the vessel in the dishwasher as the printed design may come off.