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Feed your head.

From our most recent newsletter...

HI, how are you? I hope that this finds you in good health, and, that wherever you’re at in this truly strange time, you’re feeling connected and able to find peace in the pause.

I wanted to touch base to give you an update and I’ve put together a list fun free things on the internet for you to do. It’s at the bottom of this email. Feel free to forward to mates who need some distraction too.


Now that the pressure to adhere to a routine has been removed for many of us who are no longer going to a physical place for work, I’ve noticed my routine shift too. If I want to stay up and work during the witching hour, I can. If I want to take a bath in the morning and chat to a friend over the phone, they have the time to do that as well.

It’s in my nature to be a glass half full kinda person, so I feel like I should add a caveat that I understand that this is a stressful and unprecedented time. I get that how the dice rolls isn’t a choice, and you can’t just spiritually bypass it all by meditating and writing a gratitude list (although these are great tools, and may alleviate some of the stress).  What I am finding positive amongst it all, is the time to observe and experience. How novel. How are you feeling? Are you finding your rhythm?

Our app ‘It’s Just a Phase’ (check it out, it’s free) can be a good place to capture these thoughts and feelings. I created it last year as an extension to my own journalling practice. It’s helped me to track my own energy, and as such I’ve started to notice my own seasonality. Sometimes I’m down to party, and sometimes I really enjoy my own space. Writing and reflecting has made me more aware how I’m feeling day to day and as a result I’ve become more decisive which has been cool. Some of you have given me similar feedback (and thank you – I appreciate hearing from you all SO MUCH you have no idea!) on how you use it daily to prompt journal practice or even keep track of moods.

I’m using this downtime to work on phase two of the app; I think you guys are gonna love it. If you do have feedback for me, don’t hesitate to hit reply to this email. I want to hear from you.

As for the shop; we’re still open. I’m not promoting product so much as it feels pretty tone deaf considering the circumstances. Fires and floods in Australia held up candle production at the beginning of the year and now the virus has added a few new challenges I’m working on. Some of the products are on back order and the new collection will be dropping later than expected, but within the next two months. To those of you who have ordered thanks for your patience. Packing and sending out is taking a bit longer considering the current situation. If you have questions, feel free to contact me – kat@girlgrease.com.

Despite all the hold ups, I’m respecting the timing of it all. It’s given me time to dive into books I haven’t read, movies I’ve been meaning to see and time to sit with a few different projects I’ve had on the boil.

Here’s a playlist of my favourite songs to zen out to – they’re best listened to horizontal, preferably on grass looking at the sky but indoors is good too. It’s healing, trust me.

As always, with love <3

*Links included in the email only – if you want the list, email me <3