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What's Girl Grease?

We exist to share knowledge and tools to help you set intentions and hold ritual. We also have an app, 'It's Just a Phase' that lets you record your feelings, dreams and goals in accordance with the moon’s phases. The lunar phases reflect the energy of the moment, and the zodiac sign that the moon is in gives a complementary impression of how this energy will work for you personally.

What's with the name?

We like to draw a parallel between the Greek myth about Gaia (Mother Earth) and how she gave birth to the universe. Gaia wanted a companion, so she birthed Uranus (the Heavens) and they had lots of kids together (the Titans), and so began the world as we know it. From only one thing, other things can be born. We can independently create, just like Gaia created Uranus and the universe.

Who is Girl Grease?

I am nobody. But for context, I'm a one woman show. I say 'we' because of my own far-reaching community of mystical and esoteric teachers who have lovingly shared tools and knowledge that have helped me with my own journey; now it's time for me to share.

Tarot, astrology and candle rituals have been my preferred tools over the years. I was always taught that the techniques were for me to learn, explore and make my own. It's not up to anyone else to tell us our destiny or what we want. Whatever tools you choose, remember that the power resides with you. Change only comes from within.

So, keep it greasy. Do what you like. Do what feels good. Do it yourself. There are no rules. Magic is intent, nothing to do with me. I'm nobody, it's all within you.